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No Ordinary Guy

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No Ordinary Guy - Mary Whitney

David and Allison meet at the lounge in an airport then find out that they are both taking the same flight to Singapore. David is quite the lady's man and plans on adding Allison to his list of conquests. Allison is attracted to him but is in a serious relationship so is not interested in starting a anything with David. David tells her he wants to be friends and they go on many outings together - not dates.


Turns out that David knows Allison's boyfriend, Trey, and is doing a business deal with him. He knows a lot about Trey's personal life that he doesn't like but can't tell Allison.

David is very happy dating many women and not settling down, even at 37 years old. His work keeps him busy and has him flying around the world to close deals. His father was a drunk and beat his mother when David was young, finally leaving them. Because of his horrible childhood, David has anger issues, getting into fights often when he was younger. Now that he is older he keeps it under control except for a couple of times when he was with Allison. While it was never directed at her, David's temper scared Allison.


I really enjoyed this well written romance. I did find the British terminology irritating at times and thought it excessive. I liked the way the lady's man found his special person and was very willing to give up the other women for her. Seeing Allison not immediately jump into David's arms was great. He was so used to getting any woman that attracted him that he was surprised that Allison didn't follow suit. While I didn't like the way he planned his seduction of Allison at first, I understood it and began to like him. There were times when I wondered about his desire to win Allison over when she was so gulible in believing the best of Trey and not seeing through his stories.


Serveral months ago I won this book in a Goodread Firstreads giveaway but never received it. Goodreads seems to have a policy that if you win a book but don't leave a review, you won't be considered to win further books. So I bought it so I could read and review it on Goodreads. I'm glad I did because I really liked it and recommend it.