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SEALs Of Summer 2

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SEALs Of Summer: Military Romance Superbundle - Navy SEAL Style - Suzan Butler, 'Sharon Hamilton',  'Delilah Devlin',  'Zoe York',  'Cora Seton',  'Roxie Rivera',  'Elle James',  'Anne Marsh',  'Kimberley Troutte',  'Jennifer Lowery'

I am only reviewing The Guardian by Kimberley Troutte since it is the only book in SEALs of Summer 2 I have read so far.


Luke Carter is an ex-SEAL who quit so he could take care of his gravely ill daughter. He works for an organization that invests in medical research trials that traditional medical groups won't handle. One of the trials isn't working so he goes to Haiti to close it down but it doesn't go as he planned. As he approached the doctor's office, he is beaten by a group of thugs and left for dead. The doctor, Ysabeau Morno, found him and nursed him back to life.


I really enjoyed reading this unusual story. The story line was quite unique with the Guardians funding medical trials around the world and the wonderful writing making what could have been complex situations all very clear and easy to follow. Throw in a bit of romance and this is a great read.


I loved the characters. An ex-SEAL, a kind and caring doctor and 2 black magic priestesses make this a captivating tale. I'm so glad I received a complementary copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. This is a great story that I highly recommend.