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Her Dakota Man

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Her Dakota Man - Lisa Mondello

Poppy Ericson went back to help out in her home town in Dakota after they had been hit with a flood that caused massive destruction. She also made a death-bed promise to her best friend, Kelly, that she would tell Logan McKinnon the truth. Poppy's family had moved to New York when she was a teen and Poppy had never returned so when she showed up at Logan's ranch, he is pretty angry and wants to know what she is doing there.


Poppy, Logan and Kelly had been best friends throughout their childhood but Logan and Poppy expected to stay together forever. Logan ended up marrying Kelly and they had a son, Keith.


Poppy didn't know if Logan was going to accept her help but he finally agreed to let her stay. With all the people arriving to help, there weren't any rooms available so she stayed in Logan's house and their love bloomed once again.


I loved this story! It's a wonderful second chance romance. Like all of Lisa Mondello's books this was so well written that I could easily picture the scenes and characters. It's such an emotional tale that I felt sorry for Poppy and Logan for being kept apart for so long and cried when Logan finally accepted the truth.


I wanted to read this book because of the title and author. Anything with a western or cowboy theme draws me and Lisa Mondello has such a good reputation as a romance author, I thought this book would be just my style. I was right.