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Winging It!

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Winging It - Christine S. Feldman

This funny story starts with Juleen jumping into the back of Simon's car, telling him to go, go. She is chasing Frankie, her grandfather's parrot that got loose and is flying away. Simon was raised to be a gentleman so he went, went.


Simon is actually Simon Theodore Kirkendale III and is on his way to yet another blind date his mother has guilted him into attending. The women his mother sets him up with are perfect in every way (in her mind anyway) but Simon isn't interested in any of them. While chasing Frankie, Simon realizes that he prefers Juleen's quirky unpredictability to his mother's view of the perfect woman which would be well bred, proper and very boring.


Even though Simon knows his mother is expecting him for dinner to meet the latest of her set-ups, he doesn't want to leave Juleen on her own to find the parrot. He is having so much fun with Juleen that he doesn't care that his mother will be angry with him. The more time Juleen spends with Simon, the more she is attracted to him. I loved these characters. Talk about opposites attract - these two couldn't be more different! Simon is "the perfect gentleman" always doing what was expected of him. Juleen is much more laid back in her attitude toward life. Because she cares so deeply for her grandfather, she willingly jumped into a stranger's car to chase and catch her grandfather's parrot so that he wouldn't be devastated by the loss of the bird.


Although bound in a short page count, you get to know the main characters in this novella quite well. I appreciated the fact that the male lead was a charming, witty, all around nice guy. By paring him with a woman who was a little quirky, but yet still able to stand on her own and stand up for herself Christine Feldman creates characters that you can’t help but get into.


I loved this hilarious adventure of Juleen and Simon chasing Frankie by car and on foot. I was chuckling right from the beginning to the end. The action scenes are remarkable and I liked the detailed descriptions of the surroundings and the scenes. The ending was a surprise but wonderful.


Please note I won this book in a giveaway hosted by Tome Tender. As a whole this was a quick, happy, enjoyable read that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.