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Coming In Hot (SEAL Extreme Team #1)

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Coming in Hot (SEAL EXtreme Team Book 1) - Kimberley Troutte

Jenna works for a travel agency called eXtreme Adventures that puts together unusual vacations for wealthy people. While on one of these vacations, one of her clients and his family gets kidnapped in South America so Jenna calls Navy SEAL Mack Riley to rescue them. She didn't want to call him because he was her ex and he didn't want to agree to the mission because he was her ex. But they both tried to put the past behind them and find the clients.


I had mixed feelings about the characters. The SEAL team men were great. I loved the way they worked so well together. They were so good at their individual specialties that it makes you truly realize the training and skill the SEALs have. Jenna was not so likable and it was hard for me to figure out what Mack ever saw in her. She was like a spoiled princess expecting to always get her own way. She was the Admiral's daughter, which we were told so often it was annoying, but that seemed to make her believe she was privileged and should get whatever she wanted, not get hurt or kidnapped. Just living in a dream world. Jenna's personality was irritating when she would not listen to Mack's rescue suggestions and, thinking she knew better, did things he told her not to do. This almost got them all killed.


I liked this action-packed adventure. With sexy SEALs, who wouldn't? I recommend this suspenseful military romance.