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Neighbors With Benefits

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Neighbors With Benefits (Entangled Lovestruck) (Anderson Brothers) - Marissa Clarke

Michael Andersen is the CEO of Andersen Enterprises. He is very rigid in how things should be done. He has a routine he follows to the T and everything must be in order. The only thing he lives for is his business. He has no other interests. His life changes dramatically when he meets the person living next door when the fire alarm goes off. Mia Argaropolis is an artist who is house sitting for his neighbor. Mia is fun and flighty but has a hard time keeping focused. She forgot she was baking buns so she set the alarm off when she forgot about them. She also overflowed the tub because she forgot she left the water running.


Michael and Mia had never met but knew of each other because when Michael would have women over for sex, Mia could hear them through the wall. This prompted her to play really loud music to drown them out and to annoy Michael. They didn't like each other without even having met.


I loved this pair. Mia, not so much at first because she was just too flaky. She had low self-esteem and didn't think anyone would want to be with her. But she tried to convince herself that was okay. Michael was such a control freak that he had no fun in his life at all. He didn't see anything wrong with that though. When they finally meet, they are instantly attracted to each other but fought it because they didn't like the little they knew of each other.


The little Shih Tzu, Clancey, is so much fun in this story. Michael had been seeing a therapist for several years and she suggested he look after a dog all on his own for 3 weeks to help him loosen up and care about something other than his business. It took Michael a long time to actually call him by his name because he thought the entire idea of caring for the dog was ridiculous. Much to his surprise he eventually began to little the little dog.


This is a well written story that progresses smoothly. When Mia gets evicted from her house sitting job, Michael convinces her to move in with him to help with dog care. She agrees and it doesn't take long for them to see through each others personalities to the better qualities they have. Mia is to be the maid of honor at her friend's wedding and her ex is the best man. He goes to see Mia to talk her out of going to the wedding but when Michael heard the shouting, he wanted to help so he approached Mia and pretended to be her boyfriend. Continuing to help her save face, he went to the wedding with her which was good. But the accommodation was terrible!


I highly recommend this fun story and am so glad I received a complementary copy in exchange for an honest review.