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Jack Gets His Man

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Jack Gets His Man (The Gray-Haired Knitting Detectives) (Volume 2) - D. E. Haggerty

Please note I received a complementary copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.


Poor Jack has problems. His business that he co-owns with his ex, Wyatt, is doing fabulous. So well that he had to hire a manager to look after things for them. The manager told Jack he needed help and wanted an assitant. Jack said no to the assistant but said he would hire a bookkeeper. With his best friend Izzy's help Jack hired Damien. He was very qualified for the job, but Jack especially wanted to hire him because he was hotter than any of the other candidates. It doesn't take Damien long to figure out that someone has been fudging the books so the business is losing a lot of money.


The old ladies in the knitting club find out about this and decide to help investigate who is stealing from him. It's always fun when they get involved in anything. I love the way the elderly ladies from Izzy's grandmother's knitting club are referred to as "Jessica Fletcher wannabees". One of the ladies used to be an accountant so she worked with Damien to figure out how the money was being taken and were it went.


I loved the characters and the plot in Jack Gets His Man. Jack is a gorgeous gay man who is so enamored with Damien that he barely hears the interview questions Izzy is asking him. He wants to hire him as soon as he sees him. The older women "detectives" are a hoot. I chuckled picturing them dressed for a stake out, all in black. They had to wear black scarves to cover their white hair!


D.E. Haggerty writes wonderfully funny mysteries that have lots of detail and chuckles throughout. Actually the story itself isn't all that funny but the characters sure are.