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Another Mazzy Monday

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Another Mazzy Monday - Savannah Young, Sierra Avalon

This story is about Mazzy and her twin Suzie who live in the small town of Old Town, N.J. They have had jobs since they were 16 and currently work as bartenders at a resort for the wealthy. Their dream is to open their own breakfast restaurant but know they may be retirement age before they save enough for it. That changes when Mazzy meets Drew, who is running for governor, at a resort event she is working at.


Drew's numbers are slipping in the poles because he is single so to get voters support Drew offers Mazzy a business proposition to be his fake fiancee until the election is over. Since he is willing to pay her $100,000 Mazzy can't pass up the chance to get the money for the restaurant and agrees to his plan.


Mazzy moves into Drew's parent's summer house with him and meets Drew's brother, Austin. Austin is the black sheep of the family and is only there because he was summoned to give the appearance of a united family while Drew is campaigning.

This fun story gets complicated when sparks fly between Mazzy and Austin. They can't keep their handle off each other but try because they don't want anyone know how they feel.


The big question is why does gorgeous Drew, who was voted the Most Eligible Bachelor, need a fake fiancee? You will want to read this book and find out Drew's secret. Trust me. You really will want to read it.


The characters are terrific in this book. Mazzy and Suzie were quite naive but driven by their goal of opening their own restaurant. Drew was an interesting character but I felt sorry for him because he was trying to live up to his parent's expectations and not always doing what he wanted. Austin tried to make himself and others believe he didn't care (about anything) but that changed when he met Mazzy. She saw that he was a kind and caring person and brought out the best in him. Drew's mother was a witch. One of those characters you love to hate. She only cared about appearances for political reasons.


I thoroughly enjoyed this story and highly recommend it to romance readers.


Please note I received a complementary copy of Another Mazzy Monday in exchange for my honest review.