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Damage Done

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DAMAGE DONE (REAL ROMANCE COLLECTION Book 3) - M.J. Schiller, Laurie Larsen, Katherine Tate

Damage Done by M.J. Schiller


Teddy McKee was bullied as a young boy because he has a handicap. The way people treated him left him a very angry and bitter man. Sean helps Teddy in one of the bullying situations and they become best friends for the next 50 years or so. Sean has a playboy reputation and does not work within the law. Teddy has a woodworking business so Sean asks him to make him coffins with false bottoms. Teddy appreciates the business so makes all the coffins Sean wants without realizing they are being used to smuggle drugs.


Teddy met Gabrielle and they marry but Sean also fancies her. He doesn't handle it well when Gabby goes for Teddy instead of him.


Once Teddy found out what the coffins were being used for, he left Gabrielle and their son Michael. He didn't want to leave them but knew Sean's boss would come after him and his family. He hoped, by leaving, they would look for him and leave his family alone. After that Gabby worked long hours to keep food on the table for her and her son but that didn't help when a tragedy struck.


Many years later Michael was working with the band at a tavern where he met Tess. Tess also had a very hard life and was struggling to make ends meet. Their life together is quite an adventure - not all of it good.


This well written story is an unusual tale showing how the choices a man makes affects so many other people in his life. This novel addresses hardships, betrayal, love, passion and redemption. All the characters had issues they were trying to deal with but not all were successful.


I didn't like the characters at all. I especially didn't like Sean. He was a terrible "friend" to Teddy and treated everyone badly. Yes, he had a sad childhood but that didn't justify the way he treated everyone. As for Gabby, I didn't connect with her so I didn't like or dislike her. Teddy I felt sorry for. He was used by Sean and didn't even realize it. I stopped feeling sorry for Teddy as the story went on and just thought he was stupid for not seeing what was going on around him.


Please note I won this book in a Just Romantic Suspense giveaway.