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Rescued By The Billionaire

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Rescued by the Billionaire (Billionaire Romance Novel) - Aubrey Michelle

Kelly is a waitress where Dave stops for lunch. She is a very nice person and he is attracted to her. Being a struggling single mom, she is amazed at the huge tip he leaves her. Dave wants to get to know her better so he also left his business card with a note on it asking her to call him. While this seemed a bit odd, he left it up to her to call, if she was interested, instead of chasing her.


Kelly is devoted to her 8 year old daughter, Emma. She is a single mother and Emma is her entire world. Kelly takes a job as a waitress because the hours work for her, making it possible to be home when Emma gets back from school and is there for the rest of the evening.


Dave is a very wealthy business man who buys properties then rents or sells them at a huge profit. He's a nice guy but jaded with the women he usually dates who only seem to want him for his money. Dave didn't have much of a family life so he's impressed with Kelly's mothering skills and the way she would do anything for Emma.


The research done on Emma's illness was very in depth and made the story even more enjoyable. I didn't like the way Dave kept being referred to as a billionaire. He even called himself a billionaire. I thought this was tacky and his wealth could have been expressed in many different ways.


There are a few things in this story that seemed a bit odd but it's a good fictional read that I highly recommend.