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Broken Hearts Mend

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Broken Hearts Mend (Shelter For The Lost Series #1) - Katie Ingersoll

Beth's husband wanted to open an animal shelter before he died in Afghanistan. Wanting to create the shelter he envisioned she went ahead with it. She soon found that she needed help so put an ad in the paper. Robert and his young daughter were traveling by when their RV broke down. He needed money, saw the ad and applied for the job. Beth hired him immediately.


I really enjoyed this christian romance even though Robert was not what I expected. The blurb said he was a drifter so I pictured someone with no skills and therefore no money. While he was getting low on funds he certainly was not without skills. The characters were well developed for such a short story and very likable. Robert's young daughter played a big part in this tale. I thought she was so cute and mature for her age.


This is a nice quick read with animals and kind people who are lucky to have found each other. I recommend this christian romance.