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Hell On Wheels

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Hell on Wheels - Julie Ann Walker

Hell On Wheels takes place in a motorcycle shop owned by Becky Reichert. Not only is it a motorcycle shop but it is home for Black Knights Inc. which is a private agency of ex-military men.


We meet Nate Weller who was attracted to Ali Morgan on the first day they met. Ali is the little sister of Grigg Morgan, Nate's former best friend. Grigg said he would kill Nate if he ever touched his sister so Nate kept his distance from Ali so she wouldn't figure out how much he was attracted to her. Even after Grigg's death Nate wanted to honor his friend's wishes so he stayed away from Ali. Nate was also tortured by his friend's death and thought Ali would never forgive him if she new the truth about it.


Ali has always been attracted to Nate but thought he barely noticed her because he rarely talked to her or spent much time with her. Ali showed up at the Black Knights Headquarters and needed protection after she was mugged and attacked. Grigg was never able to tell Ali anything about what Black Knights did but she knew they could help her. She suspected whatever Grigg was working on had something to do with the attacks and that Nate knew what that was.


The suspense in this novel kept me on the edge of my seat. Who was after Ali and why? I couldn't read fast enough to find out. I liked Ali's determination to get to the bottom of this mess. That was a bit surprising given that she was a kindergarten teacher who was kind and sweet natured. Nate is a wonderful alpha male. He was strong, determined, and very capable but soft to Ali at times.


The rest of the Black Knights team are amazing characters that I can't wait to read more about.