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Erased - K.  Webster, Elle Christensen

Joss is pretty happy with her life having her dream job, a boyfriend and a very protective father. Everything is great until suddenly it's not. She is kidnapped with every trace of her erased like she never existed. She's sent to live with someone she's never met and given a new identity because a person she has known and loved her entire life wants a password that she doesn't know! Her father has the password but will not give it up so Joss becomes Jill and moves on with her new life.

Derek Slade gives Joss/Jill a new life with a place to live and a job in his bar. He agreed to give Jill what she needed to start over and also to protect her. They didn't expect to fall for each other but when they did, it made everything tougher for them. What happens when this is over and Jill goes back to being Joss?

Erased is an enjoyable story with moments that made me feel happy as well as sad. I would have liked more description on Slade's back story. I guess I like everything spelled out since I don't have much of an imagination. I didn't understand Uncle Mick's connection to him. I was also confused about what Gideon was doing (double crossing Bruce?).