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Double Shot

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Double Shot - Cindy Blackburn

Captain Wilson Rye is investigating two recent deaths and needs a pool hustler to go undercover to get more information for him in a local bar, The Wade on Inn, since it was the last spot both the victims were seen. His problem is there isn't anyone on the force who can play well enough to pull it off so he asks his his girlfriend, Jessie, if she will do it. Jessie is now a romance writer but used to be a very, very good pool player making her perfect for Rye's operation. He really hated to ask her but had no other options. Jessie agrees to do this for him but undergoes a complete makeover so if she sees someone from her past they won't recognize her.


This story started out pretty funny but as it went on the humor just didn't work. One thing I found ridiculous was Jessie talking to her cat as though she expected it to take her side on whatever the issue was. It was a good mystery though. Everybody had their own idea of who the murderer was and why they thought so. I couldn't connect with Jessie but loved the secondary characters of her mom and friends, Karen and Candy.


Throughout this story we would suddenly get parts of the novel Jessie was writing. This was confusing. I kept trying to figure out how it fit into the story and who the characters were. I couldn't place them. I never did figure out why Jessie's novel kept showing up.