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His Best Friend's Baby

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His Best Friend's Baby - Mallory Kane

Matt, Bill, Rook and Deke formed Black Hills Brotherhood when they were kids. When they started the search and rescue operation Black Hills Search and Rescue was perfect for them.


We start out at Bill Vick's funeral. He went on a skydiving trip with his best friend, Matt Parker, but died when his shoot didn't open. Matt feels guilty for the accident even though he couldn't have prevented it so when he goes to the funeral, he stays back so he can't be seen by Bill's widow, Aimee. He's sure she doesn't want to see him.

Matt goes to find Rook Castle and is gone for a year. When he gets back he finds out that Bill's 7 month old son, Matt's godson, has been kidnapped. Matt swears to Aimee he will find the baby. When the kidnapper demands a ransom Matt and Aimee take off to make the drop but they have problem after problem on the trip. The kidnapper blows up their vehicle and all their supplies and a terrorist is after Matt. Deke's helicopter is sabotaged so he can't get them out. Then they get hit with several snow storms. Someone connected to Black Hills Search and Rescue is behind everything but we don't know who.


I really liked this story. The expressive and emotive writing brings this story to life in a huge way. Action and suspense kept me on my toes. I was disappointed that we didn't get all the answers at the end of the book. Even though this is part of a series, I expected everything to be wrapped up at the end.


Please note I won Search & Rescue in a giveaway and His Best Friend's Baby is one of the two stories in this book.