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Daisy McDare and the Deadly Secret Affair

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Daisy McDare And The Deadly Secret Affair (Daisy McDare Cozy Creek Mystery Book 7) - K.M. Morgan

Daisy's friend, Chloe, invited her to her book launch party. Since Chloe's book is based on Daisy of course she goes to the party. Too bad the party was a bust. There weren't many people attending but the ones that did go sure made it a memorable night.


Chloe's publisher, Hank Hammond, argued with several employees that evening and his wife found out that he had TWO mistresses! When he was later found dead there were so many suspects it was going to take the police a long time to find the murderer. Daisy couldn't let her friend, Chloe, be declared guilty so she decided to find out who the real killer was. Detective Stern was handling the case but he wasn't happy about Daisy's interference in the investigation.


I have always liked the Daisy McDare books and the way she solves the crimes. They are well written, light mysteries that are fun to read. Unlike some other reviewers, this wasn't my favourite. I thought it was slow starting with the first 20% or so giving information about Daisy that wasn't necessary. In general, this book wasn't as interesting as the others in this series.


Please note I received a complementary copy in exchange for an honest review.