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Submerged - Cheryl Kaye Tardif

Rebecca needs a couple of days to rest and be alone while she waits for her husband to sign the divorce papers so she arranges for her sister to look after her two children. Just before she is ready to leave, her sister says she can't look after the kids so Rebecca takes them with her.


On the way to her "vacation" spot, she is pushed off the road ending with the front of her car in the river. She calls 911 and gets Marcus who used to be an EMT but lost that job because of his drug addition problem. Still wanting to help people, he became a 911 operator.


Lucky for Rebecca, Marcus didn't always follow the rules. It was a busy night so there was only one police car available to search for Rebecca and her children. Marcus knew that wasn't enough and they didn't have much time, so he went to look for them himself.


I loved the characters in Submerged. Poor Marcus had gone through so much with loosing his wife and son in an accident. He tried to handle the loss by taking drugs which caused him to lose his job. Then we have Rebecca who has lived with an abusive husband for way too long. There was nothing good about this guy. He also had a gambling problem and cheated on her.


This was a well written, fast paced suspense that I highly recommend. I really like books that I can't figure out who dunnit before the end. In Submerged I was actually surprised to learn who was trying to kill Rebecca.