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Hilarious mystery

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Whiskey Rebellion - Liliana Hart

Addison Holmes needs more money than her salary as a teacher in Whiskey Bayou is providing so she takes a job at a strip club. Turns out she is not good at stripping so her first dance is also her last. She freaked when she saw her principal in the audience. When she saw him taking pictures of her she knew he was going to fire her. As she was leaving Addison tripped over the principal's dead body in the parking lot.

Addison has a few drinks while waiting for the police to arrive and take her statement. Nick Demsey is the cop handling the investigation and there is immediate attraction between the pair when they meet. They also drive each other nuts and want to throw something at each other.

This is hilarious! I laughed so hard reading the first couple of chapters that I could hardly see the words. It's a wonderful mystery with Addison trying to solve the murder of her principal even though she has no investigative skills what so ever.

Addison is funny but a bit of an airhead. She is ready to fight for whatever she feels is important but kind of ditsy and clumsy. Nick is very professional and does his job really well. I didn't get what Nick saw in Addison and why he was attracted to her. I guess he thought she was sexy. Since Addison and Nick were really hot for each other I didn't understand why their date bombed. I really wanted Addison to find her special guy. And he was special. Almost too special for her.

I enjoyed this fun mystery and recommend it if you want a laugh.