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Blind Passion (Wyatt Brothers #1)

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Blind Passion (Wyatt Brothers Book 1) - Bonnie Dee

Leah was blinded after being in a car accident. Even though she comes from a wealthy family where she can get anything money can buy she is determined to overcome her limitations being blind has brought to her life and wants to move into her own apartment. Her parents agree to the move but are worried about her so they hire a bodyguard to follow her around but he can't tell her who he is.

The man they hire is J.D. Wyatt and he has his own issues. After a tour of duty he has survivor's guilt and PTSD, making it hard for him to move on with his life. J.D. becomes Leah's neighbour and meets her by "accident". A friendship is built and leads to more between the pair.

This is a wonderful romance with sad spots too. Like when Leah's friend, Bets, left or when J.D. was worried Leah would find out about his secret. He saw how upset she was by his lie or rather the thing he didn't tell her so he knew she would be REALLY upset when she found out the bigger secret he was keeping.

I enjoyed this unusual romantic suspense and recommend it.