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Daisy McDare Three Book Set

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Daisy McDare Three Book Set (Cozy Mystery) - K.M. Morgan

Daisy McDare is an interior decorator in Cozy Creek who stumbles on murders regularly. She "investigates" the murders, much to the dismay of police detective Chris Crumble. Detective Crumble is not very good at his job and actually is more of a bumbling idiot than anything else.


Daisy is a hoot. I love her. How wonderful that this fictional character can make herself feel better just by eating some chocolate. I wish I could do that but in real life there is the weight gain to worry about. All the characters in these books are great. Granny Annie is so much fun that I would like to have heard more from her in every story. Daisy's best friend, Samantha, is always there to support her and supply her with freshly baked pastry.


I like the writing style of the author very much. Somehow she is able to keep the mystery of 'who done it' going to the very end while keeping the story humorous throughout.


If you are looking for humorous mysteries, I highly recommend the Daisy McDare Three Book Set.