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The Protector (Crossfire #1)

Protector (Crossfire Book 1) - Gennita Low

The Protector starts out with Jazz, a SEAL, getting arrested when he tries to help a young girl who has been forced into prostitution in Asia. He pays for the girl for two days so he can get her away from the other men but this happens during an Interpol sting set up by GEM operator Vivian Verreau. The sting was targeting servicemen who frequent brothels. It looks like Jazz is paying for her services but he is really just buying her some time away from that life.


Jazz is cleared of the charges by his commanding officer but he and his team of SEALs are told to join forces with Vivi's team to take down an international arms dealer. The dealer is working on partnering with the local Triad gang.


In general I was very uncomfortable reading about the female teenagers in third world countries being treated so badly. I also found the sex scenes in the first part of the book very disturbing.


I liked the blurb and thought it would be entertaining. It really isn't entertaining but a very difficult read.