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Meant For Me (Good Riders Romance #3)

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Meant for Me (A Good Riders Romance Book 3) - Jacie Floyd

Nicole met Mitch when he came to visit his younger brother at the summer camp where she worked as a teenager. She saved his life when he was choking and she provided the Heimlich maneuver. He left for the army so they didn't see each other until 10 years later. By this time he was a firefighter and she a mid-wife. Mitch had carried Nicole's picture around with him while he was away and believed she was his good luck charm. Nicole thought of him often too and hoped to reunite with him eventually. They started seeing each other but going on an actual date wasn't working for them because their jobs kept interfering so they decided to just "run into" each other. This got pretty funny.


Even though they both have professions that often had life or death situations occurring, this is a humorous romance that I really enjoyed. It's well written and the story flowed easily. All the characters were well developed and likable. Mitch and Nicole are characters that I would like to know and be friends with. I had to feel sorry for Mitch with the sad childhood he had because of his abusive father. His family (and therefore, he) is very wealthy but that didn't make up for his difficult past.


If you like romantic comedies, you'll love Meant For Me.