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Play It Again (PRG Investigations Book 2)

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Play It Again (PRG Investigations Book 2) - Ashley Stoyanoff

Someone has been vandalizing Piper's property for the past couple of weeks so she decides to put in a security system so the police can catch the culprit. She shares this with her best friend, Kim, who tells her cousin, Vance. Vance is an investigator with the PRG Investigation team and has always looked after Kim and her friend, Piper. He and the other PRG guys install a system in Piper's house, as well as upgrade all the locks. Things go way past vandalism when someone loosens the bolts on one of Piper's tires and it flies off. Luckily Vance was driving at the time but there were still injuries.


While Piper thinks it's just a vandal trying to get to her, Vance thinks she has a stalker and takes it much more seriously.


The characters are so well developed that I feel like I know them. Vance is a wonderfully dependable man who cares deeply for Piper - even though he never lets her know. He's very sensitive to other people's needs and always willing to jump in and help. Piper is a strong, independent woman but pretty quiet and shy. She thinks Vance doesn't even notice her so she also keeps her attraction to him a secret.


This was an awesome read! It’s full of romance, suspense, some erotic love scenes and on-the-edge-of-your-seat drama. I totally enjoyed reading this book. It draws you in from the beginning and keeps you there the whole way through the book to the end. Ashley Stoynoff’s polished writing really shines through in this unique tale, keeping me turning the pages to find out what was going to happen next.


If you like Romantic Suspense do yourself a favor and read Play It Again.