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Prescription To Die For

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Prescription To Die For (Cozy Mystery) (Deanna Devlin, Desert Detective Cozy Mystery Book 1) - Bridget Bowman

***I was given a complementary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. ***


The story starts with Deanna Devlin going to an engagement party for her best friend. Things don't feel right for her right from the beginning but when the father of the groom-to-be starts fighting with everyone, the party ends abruptly. The groom was not himself at the beginning of the evening and the in-laws don't like each other so this is NOT the happy occasion it was meant to be. Dad got on everyone's bad side and even caused a rift between the future bride and groom. When Dad turns up dead there are so many suspects that the police have their hands full trying to figure out who actually killed him.


Deanna is a reporter who writes "fluff" pieces but has been trying to get her boss to give her something more substantial to write about. He said she was good at the what she was writing and wanted her to stay there. Now that something has happened in her little town that is worth writing about she wasn't going to let her chance at writing a good story pass her by. When she learns her friend is the main suspect, Deanna knows she is innocent and can't let her get charged with the murder so she looks for the real killer. This turns out to be much harder than Deanna expected because there are so many suspects and they all have an alibi.


Bridget Bowman is a very illustrative writer who creates an entire world for audience to get lost in. Every aspect of this novel is fully developed in a manner that you can’t help but picture. She presents her readers with a novel that is simultaneously exciting, suspenseful, and emotional.


The book is a great read and definitely captures the reader in the story line, but that wouldn't work if she didn't have good characters. Deanna is a smart and determined woman who does whatever she has to do in order to clear her friend as a murder suspect. All the secondary characters helped pull the story together, even though most of them where pretty angry at or hated Hank.


If you like murder mysteries I recommend this book.