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Winter In Sweetwater County

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Winter in Sweetwater County - Ciara Knight

When Mark found out his fiance, Lisa, was pregnant he told her to get an abortion or he would kill her and the baby. She left town telling him she had aborted the baby even though she hadn't.


Lisa had been communicating with Judy online and they decided to open an antique shop together in Sweetwater, Tennessee so that's where she went. Even though Judy and Lisa had never met they got along beautifully, running their shop together easily.


Judy introduced her son, Eric, to Lisa and was delighted that they felt an attraction to each other. Both Lisa and Eric fought their attraction because of their painful pasts. When Lisa told Judy of her plan to find a couple to adopt her baby because she didn't think she would be good mother both Judy and Eric set out to make her see what a good person she is.


I liked this easy to read story with it's smooth writing style. The characters are well developed and likable. Lisa is a strong woman who was willing to do whatever it took to save her baby even if it meant giving it up. Eric is suffering from just having broken up with his long time girlfriend but was very kind and considerate, especially to his mother.


The small town of Sweetwater was so well described that I could easily picture the area and shops. It is a wonderful town that I would love to live in. All small towns have their nosy people and Sweetwater is no different. They never mean any harm and just want to know what's going on with everyone so they can help them. I loved watching these people helping their neighbors in this beautiful little town.


I definitely recommend this romance in a lovely small town.