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The Willing Witness (A Pride Wars Short Story)

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The Willing Witness: A Pride Wars Short Story - Shakuita Johnson, Ashley Reneé Phillips

There are two short stories in this book. The first is Willing Witness.


My review:
A lot happens pretty quickly in this short story. Aubrey is a law student who plans on being the best lawyer in the country. Too bad she saw a young man murdered and had to go into the Witness Protection Program cutting off all ties to her family and life as she knew it. Everything gets complicated when the lion shifters who killed the man find out about Aubrey being a witness and they want to kill her.


Nicholas is one of the youngest U.S. Marshalls they've ever had and his first assignment was Aubrey. He would do anything he had to in order to protect her.


This is a well written short story that will keep your attention and have you worried about Aubrey and Nicholas' safety. I was surprised and disappointed at the abrupt ending. I sure hope there is more to the tale because I want to know what happens to this pair.

I had a hard time rating this story because of it's lack of an ending. I enjoyed the story and the writing but not the cliffhanger ending.


Also included was Charlie's Bear by Ashley Renee' Phillips.


My review:
Charlie meets Brendon and is instantly thinking about how she can get him in bed. She doesn't know he is a bear shifter until he shifts in front of her one day and she freaks out. She is his mate and he is anxious for her to like him and not scare her off or have her run away. Brendon took Charlie to meet his family where his mother explained how shifters came to be - not very well though.


I liked the writing in this short story and found the explanation of how shifters were created an interesting scene. I was drawn to all the characters except Charlie. She was so set on having sex that nothing else mattered to her when she first met Brandon.


While everything did wrap up at the end, it was very abrupt.