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Christmas Gone Wild (Fifty Gone Wild)

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Christmas Gone Wild (Fifty Gone Wild Book 1) - Candice Poarch

Lauren raised her son alone so he has always been a very important part of her life. He has just gotten married and wants to spend Christmas with his new in-laws. Lauren doesn't want to hold him back but doesn't know what to do with herself now so she plans to meet her new man at the Outer Banks for the holidays. She takes off for her vacation but he doesn't show up. She stayed with her friend, Patrick, but when he's murdered Lauren's vacation was over. She is a suspect so she can't leave the area but Patrick's good friend, Adam, is determined to find out who really killed him so that gave her hope. The more time Adam and Lauren spent together the more their attraction grew.


I really liked this story. It was so nice to read about an older woman finding romance and, oh yeah, finding a murderer. The smooth writing style made this a quick, easy to follow read.


I highly recommend this romantic suspense.