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Mattress Mart Murder

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Mattress Mart Murder:  A Chloe Cook Cozy Mystery (Volume 1) - Kayla Michelle

Chloe is a cosmetic saleswoman in a small town. She goes with her friend, Kristina to an employee appreciation barbecue where she sees lots of unhappy people. The owner of Mattress Mart, Marty Diamond likes money more than anything or anyone else so he has lots of people who don't like him. For what should have been a festive occasion, there sure where a lot of arguments. All included Marty. When Marty is murdered, the police had so many suspects that it was going to take a very long time to solve the crime. Since their top suspect was Kristina, Chloe knew she was innocent and had to find the killer herself.


This is a fun story (even though it is about a murder) and the writing is smooth making it easy to read and follow the plot. You have to love Chloe 's determination to be a good friend by proving Kristina is innocent. She clearly is not experienced at sleuthing which showed in her lack of investigative and questioning skills. But you've got to give her points for trying. On the personal side it's funny how the older women in town try to set Chloe up on a blind date. Since she's 34 and there aren't many single men in the small tourist town, they seem to feel it's up to them to connect Chloe with someone.


Please note I received a copy of Mattress Mart Murder in exchange for an honest review. While Chloe Cook isn't Daisy McDare, I liked this mystery and recommend it.