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Se-Devil (A Delilah Duffy Mystery)

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Sea Devil: A Delilah Duffy Mystery - Jessica Sherry

Delilah Duffy grew up on Tipee Island and goes back there to start over by opening Beach Read Books. She knew it wouldn't be easy to get the business going but she didn't expect the acts of vandalism or members of her family encouraging her to give up and go home. It gets worse when a man is murdered in her store the night before opening and she is a suspect. The only good thing in Delilah's life is getting reacquainted with her first love, Sam Teague. He is always on her side and helps her through all the problems that come up. And there are lots of them.

This is a very descriptive story that is suspenseful, funny and quite an adventure for Delilah. She is not your average woman. Delilah makes lots of mistakes but always manages to fit them. I had to admire her determination to open the book store even with so many people trying to talk her out of it. After her perfect date with Sam when she was 16 didn't amount to anything more, she still likes him and swallowed her pride to be with him. Handling her crazy family was not easy but she persisted anyway.

It was unusual to see each chapter start with some information to do with the ocean like sea creatures or water movements. This was interesting and educational and tied into the story in some way. Even so, I found it distracting to the story. I also thought it didn't make sense that she spent so much time by the sea because it made her feel better but she didn't swim and was terrified to go in the water.

Please note I received a complementary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.