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Western Romance: Cowboy Romance: Sally and Evan: Clean Slate

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WESTERN ROMANCE: Cowboy Romance: Sally and Evan: Clean Slate (Western Historical Short Story Romance) (Sally And Evan - WESTERN ROMANCE Book 1) - S. Bridges

This starts out with Casey Bishop testifying against her drug dealer boyfriend Joey Masso. Once he was sentenced she was put in the Witness Protection Program becoming Sally Andrews and moved to a small town in Oklahoma. She was given an apartment above a bar ending up working there too. She quickly got to know everyone in the little town but especially caught the eye of Sheriff Evan Cole. They started dating which helps Sally settle in to her new life.


I like this short story because it is well written and has great characters. Evan is the perfect strong and protective hero and Sally was brave to testify against Joey. While trying to blend in and not be noticed in her new life she looks very shy but comes out of that once she is comfortable with being Sally.


I love cowboy romances and especially WITSEC stories so I was really looking forward to this. But I was disappointed with the cliffhanger ending. As I looked for the second book I found out this is a serial. If I had known that earlier, I wouldn't have read this at all.


While I really liked the writing and plot, the ending was so disappointing that it really dropped my rating.