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Magelica's Voyage

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Magelica's Voyage - Louise Courey Nadeau

In this magical story Magelica doesn't know who her parents are but really wants to know. She was hatched from a sapphire egg and found by Gri who cared for her throughout her life. One day Magelica was out with her pet dragon, Tris, when a storm broke. While running home through the forest she lost her silver feather necklace. She had it her entire life so it's really important to her. Before she has a chance to look for it, Odin, an odd looking creature called a warblegrif brings it to her telling her it's magical and important that she doesn't lose it. But before he hands it over, he has a request for Magelica to go to the Isle of Dreams with him because Queen Raya needs her help! The Isle of Dreams is on a very old turtle's back. Turtle won't move but the Queen needs him to so he can find the missing Prince. Odin, Magelica and Tris hop in Magelica's bathtub and fly to the Isle of Dreams hoping to help.


This is an entertaining story for children from 5 to 10 years old that subtly gives a message of believing in yourself and shows love is important to everyone. The way Magelica helps Turtle without realizing she was doing it is a good lesson to be kind to
others all the time.