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Deceit and Other Conveniences: Love and War on Wall Street

— feeling too sad
Deceit and other Conveniences: love and war on Wall Street - Mr. Alex M. Adelson

This book tells of a Wall Street company, ACS, getting two companies to merge. The companies are Pristinimatic Technologies and Photo Symbology. Two members of ACS are working on the merge without anyone else from their company knowing about it. These two manipulate events so that the merge will take place but they will be the ones who make all the money. We see just how dishonest and cut throat Wall Street can be.

The author definitely did a lot of research about Wall Street and the people who work there. I had a very hard time getting through this book because of all the technical details about Pristinimatic Technologies, what they did and Wall Street. But keep in mind that while it was hard for me to read it and retain the information, others may enjoy it, finding it easy to understand.

Please note I received a complementary copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.