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A Moment On The Lips

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A Moment on the Lips: A Whistle Stop Romance, book 3 (Volume 3) - Jennifer Faye

Piper Noble owns Poppin Fresh Bakery in the little town of Whistle Stop. She lived in this town most of her life but moved to the city when she got older where she got engaged. When she broke her engagement she moved back to Whistle Stop to start her business. Business was doing so well she planned on buying the shop next door and expanding. Her plans fell through when Joe Montoya came back to town after his marriage ended and bought the store to open a coffee shop called Fill-It-Up Joe. Piper wants to buy the shop from Joe but he won't sell because he wants to start his business and be a success there after loosing everything in his divorce. Their relationship is not the easiest and gets harder when they are elected co-chairmen of a fundraising committee. Even though neither of them want a relationship, they soon are very attracted to each other.

I liked this story with the love/hate relationship between Piper and Joe. Being set in a small town where everybody knows everybody else and what they are doing was comforting. I really liked this small community and their caring ways. I did find the refusal to consider any romantic involvement by both the hero and heroine a bit extreme but completely understandable given their histories. What I didn't understand was how they fell in love with each other since they weren't very open or giving. I didn't like that Piper was so worried about what others thought of her that she often held back.

Please note that I received a complementary copy of this book from Inspired Kathy in exchange for an honest review.