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Jane Blond International Spy

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Jane Blond International Spy - Brianna Schatt, Stan Schatt

Please note I received a complementary copy of this book from Inspired Kathy in exchange for an honest review. I'm rating it 3.5 stars rounding up to 4 stars.

Jane Blond goes to school at Broxton which is for either the very wealthy or very intelligent who get scholarships. Jane's father pre-paid her tuition before he was sent to prison for a white collar crime. Now Jane and her mother are living with Vladamir who is a very wealthy Russian. Jane doesn't like or dislike him but doesn't want him replacing her father.

Jane has all sorts of problems but handles everything calmly. Her best friend, Anouk, is having trouble at home so Jane tries to help her out as much as she can. Some rich Uzbekistanian students harass her daily. She also has a talking parrot that repeats everything it hears. When it repeated what some men said who broke into Jane's house looking for a memory stick with important data on it, the FBI were able to track them down. Then a boy she likes gets kidnapped so being an International Spy, Jane sets out to rescue him. As spies do, she uncovered a terrorist plot to kill the American President making her a hero.

This is a nice suspenseful adventure with great characters. Jane is an extremely capable 14 year old who cares deeply for her friends and family. She is not typical for a girl her age but more like a super-hero. Jane is very brave and courageous making her a good influence for young teens.

In general, Jane Blond International Spy isn't realistic or believable but a fun read. That's what fiction is for - to escape into a world that is fun to visit but wouldn't want to live there.

This book is great for YA readers who likes mysteries.