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Sweet Burn

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Sweet Burn - Anne Marsh

It was suppose to be a one night stand. At least that's what Mimi wanted - and was used to. Mack had different ideas. He wanted forever. Mimi owns a bar - make that THE bar in a small town and Mack is a smoke jumper who is a friend and helps her out at the bar sometimes.

Mimi had always been a bad-girl and messed up a lot. The more she tried to get rid of Mack, the more he dug in his heels. She only ever did the love 'em and leave 'em thing thinking she didn't deserve any more. Mack wanted her to see her true value so he stuck around.

I've always liked Anne Marsh's books so I couldn't wait to read Sweet Burn. Even though it had a slow start it was suspenseful, thrilling and VERY hot. I liked the story line and that there were surprising events throughout the book. While I liked Mack being a strong but gentle and compassionate man, I didn't like Mimi much at all. She was so determined to believe that she was bad because of her "wild-child" past that she couldn't see that she wasn't that person any more.