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Christmas Cozy Collection (Cozy Mystery)

— feeling big smile
Christmas Cozy Collection (Cozy Mystery) - K.M. Morgan

Christmas Cozy Collection has three stand alone Daisy McDare cozy mysteries. Daisy McDare is an interior decorator who is constantly involved in murders and believes she has to find the killer.

I love the Daisy McDare series and Daisy's antics as she "investigates". Every story had me chuckling throughout. K.M. Morgan's writing is very descriptive in these cozy mysteries so you feel like you are with Daisy in her adventure.

These stories, like the rest of the series, are full of suspense and humor with a nice fast pace. The easy way in which she draws readers into her world creates a fantastic backdrop for her wonderful story.

I haven't read one of Morgan's stories that I haven't enjoyed.