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Storm (Western Hearts #2)

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Storm (Western Hearts Series) (Volume 2) - Kate Palmer

I received a complementary copy of Storm from Inspired Kathy in exchange for an honest review.

Storm is a woman who runs a ranch with her Uncle Boots. When some of her cattle were stolen and her part-time ranch hand was killed in a car accident, Storm tries to solve the mystery of the disappearing cattle. She also wondered if there was a connection to the stolen cattle and her ranch hand's death. To add to her problems the ranch payment is due and Storm will not have enough money without the missing cattle to sell. This is the only home she has ever known and can't loose it no matter what it takes to keep it. When Dak comes into the story he is a real jerk. When he sees Storm is ill he jumps to conclusions about her that are way off base. He even goes to the pastor to tell him she shouldn't be teaching Sunday School.

The characters were interesting and not your usual ones. I liked that Storm was VERY stubborn and independent. Dak started out being an unlikable jerk but turned into quite a nice guy.

I liked the crisp and enriched writing style of the author very much. There were some very emotional spots that brought tears to my eyes. Even though there was a slow start, an abrupt ending and could use some editing it's an enjoyable read.

I recommend this book to those who like clean romantic suspense.