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The Army Doctor's Forever Baby

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The Army Doctor's Forever Baby - Helen Scott Taylor

Sandra Fisher and George Knight went to medical school together. They ended up interning at the same hospital which was hard for Sandra because she had always had a crush on George but didn't think she was good enough for him. Little did she know George was attracted to her too.


George was a military doctor so he could be called away at any time. Sandra was a civilian and didn't think she could be a military wife but when George asked her out, she couldn't resist. Time goes on and they get engaged. Sandra gets pregnant but George is called away right before the wedding. Sandra is devastated but carries on with her life.


This was an enjoyable romance with some unexpected twists. It was quite a tear jerker. The writing is smooth with an easy to follow story line. I found the title to be misleading and combined with the cover picture with a young boy on it, I expected something different.