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Escaping With The Bad Boy

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BILLIONAIRE ROMANCE: Escaping With the Bad Boy (Young Adult Rich Alpha Male Billionaire Romance) (A Steamy Alpha Bad Boy Billionaire Romance Book 1) - Violet W. Walker

The book starts with us meeting Callie. Her family is very wealthy and expect Callie to marry Stuart. Their parents decided at birth that they would marry so even though they have no feelings for each other, they are expected to marry. Callie's father wants her to marry Stuart because he believes that only a man can be CEO of his company so Callie can't have the job but her husband can.


Tag and Callie had a thing for each other in high school but didn't let the other know. After graduation, Tag went into the military and hasn't been back since. His brother, Levi, is also in the military but is missing so Tag goes back to his home town to look for him there. He doesn't have any luck so decides to look up Callie while he's there. He finds out she's engaged when he checked her out on-line.


I don't want to give anything away so I'm jumping forward to Tag going to Callie with some pictures. Very quickly Callie is no longer engaged and hooks up with Tag.


This is a very steamy romance that will get you squirming just reading it. It's got a good story line too, with some suspenseful moments and lots of surprises. I loved Callie. I liked her spunk and outgoing nature. Even though she lived a pampered life she stuck up for herself with her parents and didn't always do what they expected of her. I was drawn to Tag. He was clearly an alpha male but was unsure of Callie's feeling for him at times. I like that in a hero.


I must admit I'm not a fan of serials but I will definitely be buying the next book.