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Loving Ellie

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LOVING ELLIE - Lindsey Brookes

Ellie Sanders is struggling with what she should do about the baby she is about to have now that her fiancee has died. She loved Jarrett Tanner as her best friend but wasn't in love with him. His brother, Lucas, came home to settle his affairs, not knowing about Ellie and her pregnancy. Lucas had his own problems. He lost his wife and baby, feeling guilty about it even though it wasn't his fault. Because of his loss, he never wanted to come home again but he didn't have any choice in the matter. Both had demons from their pasts that they couldn't overcome so they found the attraction they felt for each other hard to deal with.


I enjoyed this well written story with it's issues that actually happen to people in real life. There were some sad scenes but lots of happy ones too. Both the main characters had many problems to overcome with trust being a major one.


I liked Lucas and felt sorry for what he went through losing his wife and baby. The guilt he felt following that was heart breaking. Ellie was a pretty strong woman who had a rough childhood but grew up to be independent. I didn't like her feeling like she was worthless and nobody loved her or would stay around though. It was too negative.


One thing I didn't like was the scene when she delivered the baby. It just wasn't believable. We were told she was having a really big baby so how did she handle it without an epidural and such a fast delivery?