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The Santa Society

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The Santa Society - Kristine McCord

The Santa Society takes place in a town called Christmasville where everyone has the Christmas spirit all year long. Erin has lived there all her life but lost her mother a year ago leaving her depressed so that she basically hasn't lived since then. She is very unhappy and doesn't know what to do with herself. Her plans are to sell the house and leave town but events start happening that change her mind. Erin finds a dog tied outside a shop and meets a man (Reason) she believes to be it's owner. These two turn out to be very important in Erin's life and help her make the changes she needs in order to start living again.


The Santa Society is a very secret group that have a Father Christmas who has The Gift. He arranges for families in need to get what ever it is they require without them knowing he did anything. Father Christmas has faith in the magic of this special day and spreads hope and love while providing the other things needed.


I loved this story about Christmas and Santa Claus. It was a completely different twist to this special time of year. It's such an interesting approach to Santa Claus and who he is that I was captivated by the tale. The author took a fairly complex story full of magic, mystery and a bit of romance and made it quite believable.


The characters were wonderful. Yes, Erin was not very happy at the beginning but she did come around and became a bright, courageous woman who I really liked. Reason was perfect - almost too perfect. He was intelligent and authoritative along with very organized. Oh, and handsome too. There were many secondary characters that added to the story. One of Erin's neighbours, Callie, was my favourite. She was only 6 years old but wise for her years and adorable.


Overall, this was quite a surprising story that left me believing in the magic of Christmas.