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Saving Grace

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Saving Grace - Sandy James

* 4 stars *


Grace Riley has been on the run for 20 years. She's hiding from Stephan Shay who raped her when she was 14 and has been stalking her ever since. Grace's brother, Matthew, stayed to protect her all these years and they've worked on cattle drives, always moving so Shay couldn't find her.


Grace was looking for Jake Curtis for years and finally got some information to help her find him. When she went to get the information about Jake things went badly and Grace shot the man. She ran again afraid she would be hung.

She found out Jake was working on a ranch in Montana so off she went to find him. She was very sick when she got there and collapsed in front of the owner, Adam Morgan. He and his daughter, Victoria, looked after Grace while she recuperated.


Matthew tracked her down at the ranch and he and Victoria are constantly arguing with each other.


This historical romance shows that things were certainly not easier in those times, as I had always thought. I liked the detailed descriptions of the surroundings and the scenes in this beautifully written novel. The characters were well developed and easy to like. But I felt sorry for Grace and Adam with the heart-breaking things that happened to them. It was fun watching Matthew and Victoria squabble and fight their interest in each other.


If you like historical romance, you'll love Saving Grace.