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A Cheyenne Christmas

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A Cheyenne Christmas - Caroline Lee

* 4 stars *


Ash Barker and his adopted brother, Nate, have worked hard and built a successful ranch in Wyoming. Just before winter, Ash broke his arm so he couldn't do all the work needed.


Molly Murray had been looking for a job to support her younger sisters for years when she decided to go to Cheyenne, Wyoming and look for work. She doesn't have any better luck there until she meets Ash who needs any help on his ranch he can get so hires Molly as his housekeeper. Molly was pleasantly surprised when Ash said her sisters could live at the ranch with her.


This is a wonderfully accurate historical romance. It's well written with likable characters. Molly is a strong woman who wants to care for her sisters and will take almost any kind of job to do that. Ash is a big, gruff man who's bark is worse than his bite. He's a hard worker but very kind to his brother, Molly and her sisters. The secondary characters, Wendy, Annie and Nate added to the story, especially with their thoughts of what was proper behavior in those times.


The romance that developed between Molly and Ash was enjoyable to see. Ash was behaving in ways totally foreign to him, which was a bit funny. Molly hid her feelings toward Ash - being the lady she was.


This is a wonderful frontier Christmas romance.