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The Gray Haired Knitting Detective Series

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The Gray-Haired Knitting Detective Series: (Books 1 -  3) - D.E. Haggerty

* 5 stars *


All three of the books in The Gray-Haired Knitting Detective Series are wonderfully written mysteries that I couldn't put down. The books are great reads and definitely capture the reader in the story lines. I couldn't imagine how a mystery could be funny but it sure can be. You have to read them and see for yourself.


The characters were fantastic! The old ladies in the knitting club always find out when someone they know has a crime committed against them and decide to help investigate. It's fun when they get involved in anything. I love the way the elderly ladies from Izzy's grandmother's knitting club are referred to as "Jessica Fletcher wannabees".


First we have Izzy who is kind of a klutz but is like a dog with a bone and won't let go of something once she starts it. Her hunky, gay, best friend, Jack, always has her back. Then there are the posse of old ladies who believe themselves to be detectives and are sooooo funny. I love them and how they try to help solve the crime. A laugh out loud moment for me was when they were referred to as the Ben-gay brigade. These older women "detectives" are a hoot. In one of the books I chuckled picturing them dressed for a stake out, all in black. They had to wear black scarves to cover their white hair!


D.E. Haggerty writes wonderfully funny mysteries that have lots of detail and chuckles throughout. Actually the stories themselves aren't all that funny but the characters sure are. I loved this series! It was hilarious and had me chuckling constantly. Even though a murder is being investigated, the grannies are hilarious. I love the grannies and will miss them.