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Scar Tissue

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Scar Tissue (Mr. Finn Book 2) - Trace Conger

* 4 stars *


Finn Harding is back as a P.I. who lost his licence but works privately for people that want people found who don't want to be found. The people who hire Finn don't care if he has a licence as long as he gets the job done.


When Finn finds out that his ex-wife's husband, Dr. Daryl Jennings, has been getting fentanyl for a criminal organization and is now missing he sets up a meeting with the organization to make a deal to get his release. They have also been hassling and threatening Finn's ex and his daughter making him even more anxious to solve this problem. In exchange for Daryl's release Finn has to find a man known as the Banker who has disappeared with $5 million of the organization's money.


I couldn't help but like Finn. He's always trying to help his family even when it puts him in a dangerous situation. This time, he didn't care much what happened to Daryl but once his daughter and ex got caught up in the dangerous mess, Finn couldn't stand back and do nothing.


There was another story line about Finn's father, Albert, and one of his old friends who decided to settle an old score. These men are in their 70s but behaving like they were 20 years younger. Albert took this mission very seriously and acted accordingly, but it was really funny.


This crime thriller is well written with a great story line. Trace Conger wrote the scenes and character's actions clearly making it easy to follow the plot. Adding Finn's brother, Conner, who had been missing for several years was a nice touch. The "boys" worked well together. Of course, trying to keep Albert under control was not easy - but humorous (Albert that is). I did find the description of how Finn and his wife met at the beginning of the story to be a bit drawn out and slow moving. The information was necessary but it was just too much at one time.


I'm so glad that I received a copy of Scar Tissue from the author in exchange for an honest review. I love Trace Conger's books and can't wait for the next one.