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A Christmas Arrangement

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A Christmas Arrangement: A Short Romance Novel (The Flower Shop Mystery Series Book 3) - Annie Adams

* 3 stars *


Quincy McKay got out of an abusive marriage and now owned a flower shop. She met Alex Cooper who was a cop and treated her way different than her ex. Quincy didn't know how to handle this so it was quite a wake up for her - to be treated the way a woman should be treated.


The characters in A Christmas Arrangement were wonderful. Once Quincy got away from her ex, she became a strong person who started a business and stood up to her mother. As a mother she was scary but as a character she was funny. Quincy's mom was a member of a group of women Quincy called the MLM (Morman Ladies Mafia). "One tidbit from a member of the MLM could be spread through the telephone calling tree system faster than a cold through a kindergarten class." Alex was a kind and caring man - just what Quincy needed but his mother was another story. She was so nasty to Quincy that Quincy hated it when they were together.


This is a good Christmas romance with lots of emotional scenes that help put you in the spirit of the season. There was a lot of humorous events as well as suspenseful ones too.