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Cougar Romance: The Talisman

The Talisman - Paula Knight

* 3 stars *


In this first book in the Cougar Romance series we meet Diana Grant. When she arrives at Yazzie Properties where she's been hired as a temporary receptionist she expects to meet the owner, Catahassa Yazzie but instead sees his nasty assistant Amanda Hawkins.


In this unusual short story we see that things at Yazzie Properties are far from what they appear to be. We get a bit of insight into the Zuni tribe since Mr. Yazzie is a member. When Diana does meet Catahassa they find they have a common interest in anthropology as well as an interest in each other. To add to the unusual story, there is talk of cougar shifters too.


As for the characters in this story I liked Mr. Yazzie when he was with Diana. He was a nice person and interested in the same things she was. Since we didn't hear anything from him at any other time, I don't know if I liked him at other times. I hated Amanda which I think I was suppose to. She was so angry and possessive of Mr. Yazzie and her job that she was hard to like. Diana was so-so for me. There wasn't anything I liked or disliked about her.


Even though I didn't feel like there was a cliffhanger, the ending didn't leave me wanting to find out more. The feeling I had at the end was, "Huh?"


I got this story as bonus book with Billionaire Brothers 3 book set so the marketing was good to get readers started on the series but I wasn't hooked enough to buy the other two books.


Please remember that this is just my opinion and others may feel differently about this story. Since I don't care for serials (which this may not be but felt like it to me) or paranormal stories in general, this was just not to my liking.