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A SEAL for Christmas

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A SEAL for Christmas (Novella) (SEAL Team Alpha Book 2) - Jennifer Lowery

* 4 stars *


Right before Christmas Cloe was hit by a car while riding her bike and the driver tries to blame her for the accident. Lucky for Cloe Donovan was in the crowd that had gathered and he came to her defense. Donovan was a SEAL who was home for a short leave. His family owned a restaurant near by so he took her there to get cleaned up. His family was Italian/Irish and all of them worked at the very successful Italian restaurant.


Cloe's parents and fiancee were killed the previous Christmas so she had no interest in celebrating this year. As Donovan and Cloe got closer, his family included her in their Christmas activities.


I loved this big Italian/Irish family and their constant involvement in each other's lives. It was quite an eye opener for Cloe. Poor Donovan had been dumped by his fiance when he was deployed and was determined to never love again. So much for his good intentions when he falls for Cloe. She also can't resist the protective SEAL.


This story flowed smoothly making it easy to read and follow the plot. This was such a good romantic Christmas story that if you like romances you should pick up a copy.