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Maverick (In the company of Snipers)

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Maverick (In the Company of Snipers) (Volume 9) - Irish Winters

* 5 stars *


Please note I won Maverick in a giveaway and am glad I did. I just couldn't put this book down! The plot is different from most books in that it starts with Maverick leaving the T.E.A.M. and just walking - for miles. On his trek he sees China Wolf on her huge Percheron slide into a crater as the land gives way. Maverick digs China out and they both work on digging out the horse.


Maverick stays for a while to help with the ranch work and they both realize that while neither want someone in their lives, they are attracted to each other.


The beautiful scenery in Wyoming is described so clearly that you feel like you are there. I loved the characters and that we got to learn about their pasts so it was easy to understand why they felt they way they did. You will be drawn to Maverick who was a troubled man but very protective. China was amazing. She took the term strong woman to a whole new level. She worked hard at running her ranch, Wild Wolf Ranch, and making it successful. You'll fall in love with her niece but hate many characters who cause trouble for China at the ranch.


I enjoyed this book so much I can't wait to read the rest of the series.