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Murder Under The Mistletoe

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Murder Under The Mistletoe (Cozy Mystery Novella) (A Summer Walsh Mystery Book 1) - Debby Mayne

* 3 stars *


This cozy mystery shows us Summer Walsh. She used to be a police officer but quit when it became too much for her. Since then she had a lot of other jobs but none were the right fit for her. Her parents had booked a vacation at a B & B but couldn't go so they offered it to Summer. She gladly accepted and headed off on her vacation. But once she got there she found the owner murdered. While the police worked on solving the crime she tried to stay out of the investigation but it was too hard for her.


There's a good plot, with some interesting twists, to this mystery and well developed characters making it an interesting read. There are lots of suspects to the murder but we don't know who dunnit until the last minute. That's what I like in a mystery.